Clean, Safe Water.

For Everyone.

At Raincatcher we believe that access to clean, safe disease-free water is a basic human right.


Donations are what allow Raincatcher projects to take place. Every penny and pound makes a difference so please do make a donation . . .

2019 Project

This year we are fundraising for our project in Zeze. Raincatcher is overseeing the construction of a latrine block in a primary school in rural Tanzania . . . 


Raincatcher volunteers are the charity's lifeblood. Every year students from Imperial College London form the Raincatcher membership . . .

Past Projects

Training of Trainers

Raincatcher projects are sustainable. Our Training of Trainers programmes ensure that knowledge is passed on . . . 

200,000 litre Water Tank

Building water tanks to capture rainwater is how we got our name! Take a look at how we do it . . .

Microfinance Project

Microfinance projects are incredibly empowering, allowing locals who want to invest in their own WASH projects . . . 

Recent News

"Raincatcher connects great young minds from throughout the world and gets them working together to find solutions to WASH problems. Join us in our mission!"

Aimi Elias,

Trustee and Coding Engineer

"Raincatcher volunteers are a special breed. Bursting with knowledge, enthusiasm and a desire to make the world a better place.  I feel privileged to be involved."

Iain Smith,

Founder and Online Coordinator

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