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Our Partners

On The Ground

Raincatcher projects would be impossible without strong and reliable partners in Tanzania. 

We're lucky to have trusted partners that ensure our volunteers are safe and able to complete our annual projects.

Benedicto Hosea

Mboni ya Vijani

Benedicto is the founder of Mboni ya Vijana (MVG), a youth run community run organisation based in Zeze village, in western Tanzania.

MVG helps local people in extreme poverty with sustainable farming, access to water, entrepreneurship, environmental conservation and peer education.

Their projects develop the skills and resources for people to lift themselves and their families out of extreme poverty. 

Fr Domisiyo Kabura

Caritas / Tabora Archdiocese

Raincatcher has worked with Fr Domisyio and his Caritas colleagues for many years.

Fr Domisiyo, Fr Caliopes, Ludovic and many more (you know who you are!) have been instrumental in ensuring the continued success of Raincatcher projects in the Tabora area. 

Raincatcher relies on partners like Caritas to provide transport, accommodation, tools, labour and the solutions to other logistical challenges.

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